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Welcome to the month of February at Colegio James R. Ganley!!! We have a few events going on this month.

We celebrate February 5, an important day in the history of Mexico. The approval of the Constitution of Mexico by the Congress of Mexico. We celebrate Constitution Day on the first Monday of February of each year.

The 19th is Mexican Armed Forces Day. Made up of land and air military, the Mexican Armed forces are charged with safeguarding the sovereignty of the Mexican state and national peace.

On February 24, 1935, Benito Ramirez, an employee of the Bank of Mexico, organized an honor guard in tribute to the flag of Mexico and this practice continued until 1940, when President Lazaro Cardenas declared that February 24 was officially Flag Day.

Full School CALENDAR

Pink Arrows are the begining and ending of school year.

Blue circles are days off, for holidays.

Orange circles are teacher conference days, the kids get these days off.

Green lines are summer vacation.

Purple line boxes are for student evaluations.

Blue are are winter and spring vacation.