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Colegio James R Ganley

Colegio James R Ganley is a primary (k-6th) private school located in the northwest side of Juarez Mexico.

Our mission as a Christian ministry is to impact Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Our unique program offers both excellent educational opportunities to the poorest of the poor children in Juarez, but also focuses on community outreach to the parents of our students.

We believe strongly that only by the proclamation of the Gospel and the formation of Christian character, can Juarez truly be transformed.


In 2004, a need was discovered for quality education in the poorest communities of Juarez. Public schools in Mexico are not government assisted; therefore, most families cannot afford the necessary costs of a full education for their children. 

A vision was born to create a school that would involve each family in providing quality education to their children at no financial cost, therefore allowing each child the opportunity to receive a complete education.

By the end of the year, construction began on a school that initially would accommodate 300 students grades K-6. The construction is still in progress as the school grows. 

The school received the name Colegio James R. Ganley in honor of the son of Jim and Ann Ganley, who tragically lost his life in 2004. In addition, they established a foundation in his memory which continues to donate to the school. 

our mission

Our mission is to provide hope to the people of Juarez by: 

  • Providing excellent academic opportunities to our students.
  •  Teaching general life skills to students and their parents.
  • Building a strong sense of ownership and involvement.

our program

Our program is built around the following key ideas:

  • That God has called, in grace, the members of His body to serve the poor and the needy.
  • That first and foremost we are to serve by proclaiming God's grace in the Gospel to all creatures.
  • That by prayerful character training from God's word the Mexican people will be transformed; serve one another and glorify God.
  • That the most effective means of serving those in need isn't simply to feed them, but to educate them and give them life skills by which they are able to provide for themselves and share with their neighbors.

Statement of Faith

Colegio James R Ganley is, as an organization, committed to education and practical outreach of the families in Juarez. This means that we are pleased to partner with organizations and individuals interested in like service. Nonetheless, we are identifiably a Christian ministry. The following is a brief summary of what we believe. It is also noteworthy that as an organization, the heart behind what we do is rooted in these beliefs.

  1. We believe that God exists as 3 distinct persons (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) and yet also as one eternal being. 
  2. We believe that Jesus is both fully God and fully Man.
  3. We believe that Jesus was sent by the Father. That Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary.
  4. We believe that God created the heavens and the earth and all things that exist. That all He created in its pre-fall condition was good.
  5. We believe that in the garden Adam and Eve were created by God and made distinct from all other created beings, being made in His image and bearing a soul.
  6. We believe that in the garden Adam and Eve disobeyed God's command and as a result sinfulness and death entered the race of man. That as a result of this sin that man lost the ability to be righteous in such a way as to please God, and causing the natural created order to be subjected to corruption and death.
  7. We believe that Jesus came and lived a perfect and sinless life according to the requirement of God's revealed law. Additionally, that Jesus sought without failure to please the Father in every way and in so doing fulfilled perfectly the Law of God.
  8. We believe that Jesus died on the cross to fully pay the penalty for the sins of all of those who would believe in Him,  doing so, He fully satisfied God's wrath against them and made peace between God and man.
  9. We believe that it is only through faith in the person of Jesus Christ and His completed work on the cross that man can receive the forgiveness of God and can be given eternal life. That belief involves turning from ones sins and sinful condition and trusting in Jesus righteousness fully as the sole basis for salvation. 
  10. We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. First, in the act of regeneration when one is born again and throughout the believer’s life to enable and empower living which pleases God and helps one to overcome sin and grants joy and the hope of the resurrection. That the Holy Spirit is a person who reveals Jesus to His people and makes the Bible a reality in the believer’s life.
  11. We believe that the Holy Spirit is actively involved in the conviction of sin, specifically in the lives of Jesus' people. That He empowers the preaching of the Gospel to accomplish Jesus mission to reach the lost with the message of the Gospel.
  12. We believe that one day Jesus will resurrect the dead, this resurrection will be bodily and physical and He will raise the righteous to everlasting life with Him and the wicked to everlasting damnation in hell.
  13. We believe that one day Jesus will judge the living and the dead in perfect righteousness and that only by belief in Jesus and His forgiveness may one escape the wrath to follow.
  14. We believe that the word of God has been revealed to man in the books of the Old and the New Testaments, contained within the Bible. 
  15. We believe that the Bible (in its original manuscripts) is inerrant and contains all that is necessary for life, salvation and godly living.